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From the wonder as a toddler examines a flower, to the exuberance of an energetic eight year old playing hide and seek, the moments of childhood are fleeting. At my families and children photoshoots in West Kent, it’s these fleeting moments I strive to capture. Why? Because it’s in those candid seconds the authenticity and uniqueness of your child shines through. That’s what makes my family and children photoshoots unique.
However, this doesn’t just happen! In order to entice these moments in front of the lens, I need to be seamless behind it. I chat, play, and get absorbed in to the moment with your children, and family life. The result is a relaxed shoot which captures the essence of your child: both semi-posed and documentary style – a perfect balance.
Fortunately here, near Sevenoaks in West Kent, and just over the border in to Surrey and Sussex, I as a family photographer have a perfect tool: a playground of countryside begging for beautiful pictures. Bring together our fabulous nature spots, your children and my lens, and we have a magic combination.
For this reason, my family and children photoshoots aren’t formal affairs in a studio. Whatever the season, I join you in a local spot, to bring together childhood, family life and the great outdoors. The results are timeless family portraits.
Let me suggest the ‘venue’ – from barley fields on a summer’s evening to kicking the leaves of autumn – or pick a family favourite: this is your family’s photoshoot where I consider it a privilege to come along.
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